Soldier Technical Syllabus - Join Indian Army Syllabus

Soldier Technical post in the Indian Army is one of the desire posts for the Youths who want to join Indian Army as a Technician/Technical Assistant. To reach the written examination of Indian Army Soldier Technical one should have a stated physical standard and have to qualify in the Recruitment Rally and Physical Examination

Educational Qualification to Join Indian Army as Soldier Technical:

(a) Soldier Technical 10+2/Intermediate Exam pass in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English with min 50% marks in aggregate and min 40% marks in each subject.

(b) Sol Tech (Aviation & Ammunition Examiner) 10+2/Intermediate Exam pass in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English with min 50% marks in aggregate and min 40% marks in each subject.

Age Limit: 17 ½ - 23 Yrs

Syllabus of Soldier Technical:

Questions are designed to test the candidate’s general awareness of the environment around him and its application to society. Questions are also designed to test knowledge of current events and such matters of everyday observation and experience as may be expected of an educated person. At times questions may be asked other than the below topics but definitely within the syllabus of CBSE.

General Knowledge: The test will include questions relating to India and its neighboring countries especially pertaining to History, Culture, Geography, and who’s who. In addition Abbreviations, Sports, Awards and Prizes, Terminology, Indian Armed Forces, Continents, and Sub Continents, Inventions and Discoveries, The Constitution of India, International Organizations, Books and Authors, Knowledge of Important events that have happened in India and at world level in the recent years, Current important world events, Prominent personalities, etc.

Physics: Physical Properties and States of Matter, Mass, Weight, Volume, Density, and Specific Gravity, Principle of Archimedes, Pressure Barometer, Motion of objects, Velocity and Acceleration, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Force and Momentum, Parallelogram of Forces, Stability and Equilibrium of bodies, Gravitation, elementary ideas of work, Power and Energy, Heat and its Effects, Sound waves and their properties, Reflection and refraction. Spherical mirrors and Lenses, Type and properties of the magnet, Static and Current Electricity, conductors and Non-conductors, Ohms Law, Simple Electrical Circuits, Heating.

Mathematics: (i) Algebra. (ii) Matrices & Determinants. (iii) Analytical Geometry. (iv) Trigonometry (v) Integral Calculus (vi) Differential Calculus (vii) Probability and Statistics (viii) Number Systems (ix) Fundamental arithmetical operations (x) Mensuration (xi) Area, Volume and Surface Area

Chemistry: Physical and Chemical changes. Elements, Mixtures and Compounds, Symbols, Formulae and simple Chemical Equations, Law of Chemical Combination, Properties of Air and Water, Preparation and Properties of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide, Oxidation and Reduction, Acids, bases and salts, Carbon and its forms, Natural and Artificial Fertilizers, Elementary ideas about the Structure of Atom, Atomic, Equivalent and Molecular Weights, Valency.

Biology: Basic Biology, Life Process, Study of Birds, Human Beings, Uniqueness of the human body, Food and Health, Necessity of a balanced diet, Wasteful Food Practices, Food Yield, Essentials for good health, Cycles of materials, Ecological balance, Living resources, Habitat and Organisms, Adaptation.

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