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 Indian Railways PNR Status 

The Indian Railways "Passenger Name Record" (PNR) is a number provided by the Indian railways when you book a ticket for travel. This PNR is consists of the personal information of the passenger. it also shows the itinerary of the passenger and also the number of passengers are traveling together. 

The PNR status is to check the ticket is confirmed or is it on the waiting list or its reservation under cancellation. It also shows the railway fare, coach, and the seat number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is Indian railway PNR status?

Ans.  The IRCTC PNR is basically a number. The "Passenger Name Record" is consists of a passenger's all personal details like - your travelling route, destination, railway fare, arrival and departure time and also the details of other passengers if you're travelling with a group.


The PNR status shows the status of your ticket that is it confirmed or is in the Waiting List (WL) or is Under Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC)?

Q) How to check PNR status?

Ans. Checking PNR status is very easy. you can check the IRCTC PNR status on Indian Railways official website very easily. If you can't find it easily then you can check it on BoiBooks.Com/pnr-status/ 

Just click on the above button showing Check Here, then a new window will open showing the Passenger Current Status Enquiry as you can see below. 

Now just put your PNR into the particular field showing "Enter PNR No." and click on submit. this page will show the status of your ticket. You don't need to submit your name or any other personal data.


You can also check the PNR status in some other ways - 

How to check PNR Status by SMS?

1. PNR status by SMS. just type PNR on your message and send it to 139 or you can call 139 to check the status.

2. you can the status manually on railway counters near you.

3. you also can check the status on the final list on the train.

Q) How does a PNR number generate?

Ans. The Passenger Name Record number is consists of 10 digits. the first 3 digits reflect the Passenger Reservation system where the ticket has been booked. where the 1st number is the code of the different PRSs. the 16 railway zones are divided into 5 PSRs, so the 1st number of the PNR will always a number from 1 to 9. the PRSs are given below - 

1 - is issued from South Central Railway Zone. (Secunderabad PRS)

2 & 3 - are issued from Northern Railway, North Central Railway, Northwestern Railway, North Eastern Railway Zones (New Delhi PRS)

4 & 5 - are issued from Southern Railway, South Western Railway Zones (Chennai PRS)

6 & 7 - are issued from North Frontier Railway, East Central Railway, Eastern Railway, East Coast Railway, South Eastern Railway, South East Central Railway Zones (Kolkata PRS)

8 & 9 - are issued from Central Railway, West Central Railway, Western Railway (Mumbai PRS)

The last 7 digits are generated by the automated software to make the number different and unique.



Q) What is the importance of PNR status?


Ans.  The PNR status is generated through an automated algorithm by the Centre of Railway Information System (CRIS). when generating the PNR number the passenger have to give their personal detail like name, address, phone number, etc, after submitting the details the PNR number generates. When you trying to check the status after booking the ticket it searches your number in the CRIS Database and shows the results according to the rules. 

So, by a PNR number, you can check the status of your ticket, the status is - 


  • CNF - Confirmed

  • RAC - Reservation Against Cancellation

  • WL - Waiting List

  • Confirmed + RAC

  • RAC + WL

  • GNWL - General Waiting List

  • PQWL - Pooled Quota Waiting List

  • RLWL - Remote Location Waiting List

  • TQWL - Tatkal Waiting List

Q) How many types of Waiting List Tickets are there in IRCTC?


1. GNWL (General Waiting List): This is the most common type of waiting list, there is the highest chance of confirmation.


2. RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List): These types of tickets are issued for stations that fall between the sourcing and the destination stations. the chance of confirmation of these types of tickets are very less.


3. PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List): If your sourcing and the destination station is in between the departing and the destination station of the train, then your ticket could be on this list. basically, if you travelling distance is short and not from the departing station of the train then you could face this situation.


4. RSWL (Roadside Station Waiting List): This is one type of quota ticket. the priority of these types of tickets are very low


5. RQWL (Request Waiting List): This is also one type os quota list.


6. CKWL (Tatkal Waiting List): If you booked your ticket on Tatkal then you could be in this list and it could be confirmed as the Reservation Against Cancellation is not allowted for Tatkal. 

Q) What is Reservation Against Cancellation?

Ans. Reservation Against Cancellation means your ticket is confirmed but the berth is in the waiting list. If you are traveling with the RAC ticket then you could be allotted a shared seat with another RAC ticket holder.

Q) What is the difference between RAC ticket and Waitlisted ticket?

Ans. In the case of RAC ticket, you can travel and occupy the allotted seat by sharing with another RAC holder or alone, even after the final chart is been published.

But in case of a waitlisted ticket, you can't board the train. If the TT permitted you only then you can travel. otherwise, you're not allowed to board the train.

Q) Can I travel with only my PNR number without a ticket?

Ans. Yes, you can travel with your PNR number, because as we said earlier that a Passenger Name Record (PNR) number has all the personal and travel-related information about the Passenger, so you only have to convince the TT and by showing your PNR and other ID proof such as Voter ID, AADHAAR, Driving License, Passport, etc. The TT will check and match your ID proof with the Database and will allow you to travel.

Q) What is CNF in PNR status?

Ans. CNF - stands for Confirmed. that means you booked ticket is confirmed for the journey.

Q) Is there any chance of ticket confirmation after the publication of the final chart?

Ans. Basically not, after the preparation of the final chart, there is very little chance of the ticket confirmation. the only thing you can do is to approach the TT. If there is any RAC ticket holder's seat is available then he may allow you to travel. otherwise, you can't board the train.

Q) Which ticket has more chance to be confirmed, RAC or WL?

Ans. As we discussed earlier that with RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) ticket you can board the train and travel by sharing the seat with another RAC ticket holder. But in the case of WL, you have to approach the TT. So the RAC ticket has a better chance to be confirmed.

Q) Which Waiting List tickets get confirmed first?

Ans. In the case of confirmation, the GNWL (General Waitlisted) tickets get the first clearance. so it has a better chance to be confirmed.

Q) Can I check my PNR number after the journey?

Ans. Yes, you can. But it's worthless. Because after the completion of the journey the PNR number will be canceled and deleted from the CRIS (Center for Railway Information System) Database. so if you check your PNR after completion of the journey it will show "Flushed PNR/PNR not Generated". After some time the same PNR will be allotted to another passenger.

Q) Why my PNR status is Showing Flushed PNR/PNR not Generated?

Ans. This message only is shown after a passenger completes his journey with the PNR number. If you didn't complete your journey yet then, it could be the technical failure. In this case, you can contact the railway authority by calling 139 or manually in any reservation counter in stations.

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People Also Make Mistake While Searching Indian Railways Website -,,,,,,,,,, pnr.status,,,,,, pnrstatus.rail,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

While the orginal Indian railways website is

IRCTC website is




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