All in One GK Bundle

The best for Combined Preliminary Exams

Basic Features

E-Book : A syllabus wise designed e-book with amazing design, easily downloadable, available in PDF format.

External Links : e-books are generally available in the text format only. But in this e-book you will get trusted External Links on every topic that you can read more about the topic and it will help you to learn in details.

Video Links : Most revolutionary feature of this e-book. On every important topic you will get a Ad free video link which will give you the freedom to learn visually.

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Syllabus or Topics Covered

  • Everything about India

  • About Neighbouring countries of India

  • List of first in India (First Architectures, First Nobel Prizes, First Awards & Titles, First in Defence, and more)

  • Famous newspapers of the world

  • Famous sites of India, It's location and Importance

  • Cultural India (Dance forms & Folk songs of all regions of India)

  • Know your states (all states of India)

  • Sports & Games (All sports, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, SAF Games, Olympic Games)

  • Important Books & Authors

  • Inventions & Inventors

  • Important Personalities

  • National & International Organizations

  • National laboratories & research centers

  • National Parks & Sanctuaries of India

  • About Indian Security forces

  • National highways of India

  • UNESCO world heritage sites

  • Animal Reserve Projects of India

  • State Animal, Flower, Tree

  • National & International Rivers

  • Short & Full forms

  • National emblems, Parliaments & Currency of different countries

  • Others

  • 1000 MCQs 




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