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Join Indian Army | Indian Army is 4th strongest Army in the world according to Global Fire Power. Learn about the Indian Army it's a phenomenon, Weapons, Tanks, Missiles, Fighter Jets, Ships, How to join the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Recruitment process, and rallies in details. Education about Join Indian Army, join Indian army nic, Join Indian Army government of India. Prepare for Sarkari Exams online on the education portal India.

 How To Join Indian Army 

Indian Army | The most prestigious job provider of India. waring a uniform is a matter of Pride, which the Indian Army provides to the energetic youths as an organization, who is ambitious to serve the Nation. Indian Army recruits almost thousands of soldiers in different categories by organizing recruitment rallies throughout the country and recruits youths for officer training in National Defence Academy (NDA) through Combined Defence Service Exam (CDS) organized by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) twice a year.

Generally, there are Two Ways to Join Indian Army - 

1. Direct Through Recruitment Rally.

2. Through the Combined Defence Service Exam (CDS) by UPSC

1. Join Indian Army Through Recruitment Rally

Any youth with the age group of 17-23 years can Join Indian Army through recruitment rally. Indian Army recruits in 11 categories through recruitment rally. 

Soldier General Duty (All Arms):

Soldier (General Duty) is the spine of the navy and consists particularly of preventing troops aside from different trades. You may be enrolled in Arms or Services. The obligations could be as under -

  • Arms: In Arms, you may be part of the Infantry, Artillery, Armoured Corps, Engineers, or Army Air Defence (AAD) as preventing troops, drivers, operators, gunners, and many others and lots of different General Duties. 

  • Services: In Services you may be enrolled in Army Service Corps (ASC), Army Ordnance Corps (AOC), Army Medical Corps (AMC) on General Duties, operators, drivers, and many others.

Soldier Technical:

The army has weapons, vehicles, and instrumentality that are needed to be operated and maintained. we tend to need candidates with a science background and ability for electrical, mechanical, and different technical fields.

Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical / Inventory Management:

The army could be a large organization with every unit consisting of 600-1000 personnel and holding an outsized inventory of stores and instrumentation. there's a demand of clerical employees to take care of the inventory, carryout documentation of personnel, bookkeeping, and alternative routine correspondence. therefore there's the demand of candidates accustomed to English and Maths/Book Keeping.

Soldier Nursing Assistant: 

The Army has its own hospitals and polyclinics. all types of specialists are a gift in Army Hospitals. every hospital and polyclinic needs Nursing Assistants to help the doctors, take care of the patients, add the Operation Theaters, account for medicines within the medical stores, and administer tending. The Indian Army tends to so need dedicated candidates with a science background with Biology to be listed as Soldier Nursing Assistant.

Soldier Tradesman:

Each unit and Headquarters (HQ) of the military is self-contained in maintaining itself altogether respects. it's sort of a society that is totally self-reliant and not captivated with outside facilitate. every unit features a strength of 600-1000 personnel who live at intervals a compound and find all support from within that compound/society. so every unit has its own cookhouse, stores, lodging and contours, offices, vehicles, and instrumentation. there's so a demand for plenty of support employees to run numerous institutes and to keep up the unit space.

  • Chef: The troops ought to be fed. every unit has its own cook homes. Food should be provided to troops thrice daily apart kind alternative needs. The Indian Army tends to need qualified, dedicated cooks who have a flair for cookery.

  • Dresser: Being a self-sustained society every unit has its own barber retailers and barbers who maintain the maintenance of the troops.

  • Animal Store Holders: Units with mules and dogs have instrumentation and rations as per their specific needs. There are harnesses and covering for the animals, medicines, rations(hay), etc. These are kept until they're needed to be used. The stores are needed to be maintained in a very serviceable condition. The Indian Army tends to so need candidates who are going to be Store Holders and can assist in maintaining all this instrumentation and stores for animals in a very serviceable condition.

  • Ferrier: The mules need special care. they need to possess their hoofs maintained. Shoes ought to be placed and maintained. The Indian Army tends to need candidates who are informed of this work.

  • Steward: Each unit has its own Officers Mess that caters to the food needs of the officers, particularly in field areas. The Indian Army tends to need dedicated employees who will assist within the Mess and serve food to the officers in a very hygienical and pleasant manner.

  • Artisan (Wood): The Army desires candidates who have the data and experience to figure as carpenters. Candidates with ITI qualification or cognitive content are the most popular.

  • Artisan (Painter): A heap of apparatus should be maintained and marked/numbered as per specifications. Candidates with painting skills and experience are needed for the task.

  • Artisan (Tailor): Each unit has 600-1000 troops. Their uniforms are needed to be maintained to high standards. traditional wear and tear should be repaired. Candidates with ancient skills or ITI coaching are needed for the task.

  • Artisan (Metallurgy): Candidates with ancient skills or with qualifications from ITI are needed to figure as blacksmiths.

  • Musician: The army units have their Military Bands consisting principally of Drums, Trumpets, and Pipes. Candidates with data of reading music, cognitive content, or feeling for music and /or coaching in music could apply for a similar.

  • Equipment skilled worker: The shoes and instrumentation of troops ought to be maintained in serviceable conditions particularly in field areas wherever there's no outside support. Cobblers are needed to repair shoes and alternative canvas/leather instrumentation. Candidates with ancient skills or coaching are needed for the task.

  • Kennel Man: The army has its own specialist dogs for guard duties/sniffers and trackers. we tend to need dedicated candidates who love dogs to figure as their handlers and appearance once they.

  • Washer Man: The uniforms of troops and officers ought to be maintained to a high customary. we tend to need candidates with ancient skills and/or training/experience to function washermen.

  • Mess Keeper: Each unit has an Associate in Nursing Officers Mess. Personnel is needed to help the cook in his daily tasks and to scrub the utensils and room every day. Candidates keen on a ‘Masalchis’ job will apply.

  • House Keeper: The unit space, lines, toilets, offices,  roads ought to be clean and maintained every day. The Indian Army tends to need dedicated candidates with data and skills for the task.

Soldier Nursing Assistant (Veterinary):

The Army has sure units that have horses, mules, and dogs. The mules are utilized in a tough piece of ground to keep up the troops in faraway areas. These mules become the lifeline of the troops and thus the mules got to unbroken healthy and work. Dogs are used for specialist tasks like soul dogs, bomb disposal, trailing, etc. They too need handling, coaching, and to be unbroken work. The Indian Army has a tendency to therefore have our own hospitals and doctors who treat the animals and keep them work. The Indian Army has a tendency to therefore need candidates with a Science background who can add Veterinary Hospitals, take care of the animals, add the Operation Theaters, account for medicines within the medical stores, and administer care once needed.

Education Havildar:

The Army has infantrymen who come from Class VIII/X backgrounds. There is a demand to in  addition decorate the training requirements of those infantrymen. Also, positive professional training/navy education is imparted to the infantrymen in the course of their provider for which we require MA/MSc/ B.Ed college students who're nicely knowledgeable and feature coaching abilities.

Junior Commissioned Officer (Religious Teacher) (All Arms):

Religion is a totally critical a part of each Indian. Religion affords awesome electricity to squaddies in hard times. Each unit has its Mandir/Masjid/Church. There is a demand of applicants who're conversant with the scriptures and who can carry out the ceremonies withinside the spiritual locations. The Indian  Army requires Pandits/ Maulvis/Padris/Grantis to first off run our spiritual locations and additionally function Psychological Counselors for the troops.

Junior Commissioned Officer (Catering) (Army Service Corps):

The Army runs sure giant coaching Institutes and Messes that need to feed large strength of personnel.  additionally, there's a demand that the food provided is wholesome with the right biological process intake.  there's so a demand for candidates who are qualified/trained in the line of work services and who are able to run The Army's Messes.




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