History of India

Learn and read about the History of India for Competitive Exams like SSC, CGL, CHSL, RRBs, UPSC, PSC, WBCS & others. We provide GK questions on all chapters of History and also the detailed information about a particular era. Indian's Ancient History, Evolution of Indian Civilization, The era of the expansion of the empire of ancient India, Struggle for authority, Society, Economy & Culture, Middle age of India, Civilization & Culture of Middle age, Arrival of Europeans in India, Modern age of India, Colonial rule in India, Expansion of the British Empire in India, Effect of Colonial Rules in India, Various revolts during the Company period, Indian cultural context and its importance, National Congress, Swadeshi & Struggle Movement, First Word War & Nationalist Movement, Fascist aggression during World War, Concept of Republic India, World after World War. Learn on the Education Portal of India




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