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India: when someone is talking about culture then how can one miss the name of India? the World's most cultural country with an absolutely new culture in every 200 kilometers. Every state has different languages, Festivals, Dance forms, Folk songs, Different Foods, Different accents......Colorful India. Learn more about Indian Culture only on Education Portal India

Classical Dances of India   |   Dance forms of all States   |   Language of all States   |   Festival of all States   |   Folk Dances

  • Classical Dances of India

  • Dance Forms of all States of India

  • Languages of all States of India

  • Festivals of all States of India

  • Folk Songs of all States of India


Classical Dances of India

India is a country with rich cultural value. Classical dances were performed 1000 of years ago in the various temples in India in Various regions. Mainly the dances were performed to please God in the temples of India. Basically, India has 8 (Eight) recognized Classical Dance Forms by Sangeet Natak Academy according to the regions of India. Varatnatyam (from Tamil Nadu),  Bharatanatyam (from Tamil Nadu), Kathak (from Uttar Pradesh), Kathakali (from Kerala), Kuchipudi (from Andhra Pradesh), Odissi (from Odisha), Sattriya (from Assam), Manipuri (from Manipur), 
Mohiniyattam (from Kerala)

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Folk Dances of all States of India

India, the most cultural country on earth. Classical and Folk dances are the most essential part of Indian Culture. Every single state has its own culture and Folk Dance that reflects colourful tradition and rich heritage culture. Chhu from West Bengal, Bhangra & Giddha from Punjab, Bihu from Assam, Dandiya from Gujarat, Ras from Haryana, Jhumar from Jharkhand, Lavani from Maharashtra, Laudi Khela from Odisha, Ghoomar from Rajasthan, Parai Attam from Tamil Nadu ...... and more

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Festivals of all States of India

Festivals of India: India, the land of Festivals, almost every year any of Indian state celebrates its own festival. Nowadays The Colourful Festivals of India attract foreign tourist that built festival tourism in India. The most famous festivals are - Festival of Colour Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi from Maharashtra, Durga Puja from West Bengal, Onnam from Kerala, Chhath from Bihar, Baishakhi, Lohri from Punjab, Desert Festival from Rajasthan, Ugadi from Karnataka, Kumbha Mela from Madhya Pradesh & more

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Languages of all States of India

With 22 Official Languages and 1600 different dialogues, India is the richest country when it comes to Languages. Every state has its own official and regional languages that's how anyone can find a new language every 200 kilometers in India. Like Bengali of West Bengal, Bihari of Bihar, Odissi of Odisha, Tamil of Tamil Nadu, Punjabi of Punjab, Manipuri of Manipur, Rajasthani of Rajasthan, Marathi of Maharashtra, Kannad of Karnataka....& more

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Folk Songs of all States of India

Like Languages, Festivals, Dances India also has different Folk songs of different states that make India a rich cultural country on the Earth. Most famous folk songs like বাউল of West Bengal, Bihu of Assam, Lavani of Maharashtra, Naatupura Paatu of Tamil Nadu, Garba, Kolata, Bhatiali, Pandavani, Dandiya & many more

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