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Mathematics Master Class

Complete guide & analysis of all chapter of Mathematics with Short-Cut Tricks & Practice Sets


  • 27 Chapters Covered

  • 10 Second short-cut tricks

  • Practice Set on Every Chapter

  • 20 Miscellaneous Practice Sets 

At Just Rs. 1199/-

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Combined Master Class

Covered complete syllabus of Mathematics and General Intelligence with Short-Cut Tricks & Practice Set


  • 27 Chapters of Math Covered

  • 28 Chapters of GI/Reasoning

  • Practice Set on Every Chapter

  • 20 Miscellaneous Practice Sets 

At Just Rs. 1499/-

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GI/Reasoning Master Class

Complete guide & analysis of all chapter of General Intelligence with Short-Cut Tricks & Practice Sets


  • 28 Chapters Covered

  • 10 Second short-cut tricks

  • Practice Set on Every Chapter

  • 20 Miscellaneous Practice Sets 

At Just Rs. 999/-

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Syllabus for Combined Preliminary Exam

One Syllabus that covers almost all the competitive exams in India like SSC CGL, CHSL, RRBs, SBI & IBPS PO, CLERK, CDS, PSC, WBCS, GROUP D, Paramilitary, State Police, FCI, SI, LIC AAO, and Others. Join our course Mathematics Master Class & GI/Reasoning Master Class OR Combined Course (Math & GI Master Class) to prepare for any of these competitive exams. BoiBooks - Education Portal India

Syllabus as Follows

> Mathematics/Quantitative Aptitude

> General Intelligence/Reasoning

> English

> General Awareness

   > History

   > Geography

   > Pure Science

   > Biology

   > Economics

   > Polity & Constitution

   > Current Affairs

   > Traditional GK

Mathematics Syllabus

> Number System (সংখ্যাতত্ব)

> Simplification (সরলীকরণ)

> Divisibility Rules (বিভাজ্যতার নিয়ম) 

> LCM & HCF (ল.সা.গু ও গ.সা.গু) 

> Simple & Decimal fraction (সাধারন ও দশমিক ভগ্নাংশ) 

> Percentage (শতকরা) 

> Average (গড় নির্নয়) 

> Simple Interest (সরল সুদ) 

> Compound Interest (চক্রবৃদ্ধি সুদ) 

> Profit & Loss (লাভ ও ক্ষতি) 

> Discount (ছাড়) 

> Ratio & Proportion (অনুপাত ও সমানুপাত) 

> Work & Time (কার্য ও সময়)

> Speed, Time & Distance (গতি, সময় ও দূরত্ব) 

> Train Related Problems (ট্রেন জাতীয় সমস্যা) 

> Pipe & Cistern (নল ও চৌবাচ্চা) 

> Mixture & Alligation (মিশ্রন ও বিমিশ্রন) 

> Square Root & Cube Root (বর্গমূল ও ঘনমূল) 

> Indices & Surds (সূচক ও করণী) 

> Partnership (অংশদারীত্ব) 

> 2D Figures (Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Rhombus, Trapezium, Circle, Parallelogram) (ত্রিভূজ, বর্গক্ষেত্র, আয়তক্ষেত্র, রম্বস, ট্রাপিজিয়াম, বৃত্ত, সামন্তরিক)

> 3D Figures (Cube, Cuboid, Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone, Sphere, Hemisphere, Frustum, Others) (ঘনক, ঘনক্ষেত্র, প্রিজম, চোঙ, পিরামিড, গোলক, অর্ধগোলক, অন্যান্য) 

> Geometry (জ্যামিতি) 

> Trigonometry (ত্রিকনোমিতি) 

> Height & Distance (উচ্চতা ও দূরত্ব) 

> Data Table (ডাটা টেবিল) 

> Pie Chart (পাই চিত্র) 

> Bar Chart (বার চিত্র) 


General Intelligence Syllabus

> Coding-Decoding

> Number Series

> Number Puzzle

> Direction Test

> Letter Series

> Blood Relation

> Data Sufficiency

> Number Rank & Time Sequence

> Calender

> Counting Figure

> Mirror Image

> Water Image

> Analogy

> Classification

> Logical Venn Diagram

> Syllogism

> Statement & Conclusion

> Statement & Assumption

> Statement & Argument

> Puzzle Test

> Dice

> Non-Verbal Series

> Non-Verbal Analogy

> Embded Figure

> Paper Cutting & Folding

> Mixed Embded Figure

> Alphabatical & Mixed Series

> Assertion & Reson


English Syllabus

Fill in the blanks and sentence correction based on

part of speech (noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction and interjection),



Collective nouns​

gender and number

Cloze test

sequence of sentence

synonyms, antonyms

one word substitution

idiom and phrases

group verbs

voice change

Narration change

Spelling Test




General Awareness Syllabus

History Syllabus


Geography Syllabus


Pure Science Syllabus


Biology Syllabus


Economics Syllabus


Polity & Constitution Syllabus


Traditional GK Syllabus





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